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Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Mixer Mixing Tank
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Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Mixer Mixing Tank

Homogeneous system composition
*The general form of homogenization is divided into three structures: upper homogenizer, bottom internal circulation homogenizer, and bottom internal and external circulation homogenizer;
*The homogenizer is generally composed of a motor, a rotor and a stator;
* The homogenizer seal adopts a specially designed double-end mechanical seal and a skeleton secondary seal, and the mechanical seal is cooled by tap water circulation.
Video outgoing-inspection:
Core Components:
  • SPX-71

  • SPX

Product Description
Details Images

Top Accessories

These accessories have functions can well perform tasks such as observation and mixing during the production process.

PLC control pannel

The control panel convenient for the operator to operate various functions, adjustable frequency, quick start, and immediate stop, which is very sensitive.

Spiral band Mixing system

the spiral band mixing system consists of  inter fix paddle,scrapper mixer and clockwise direction blender,which the retation  speed can  reach 63 times per minute.and the perfect mixing result increase the mixing efficiency and performance,as well as heating efficiency.

the top homogenizer 

the homogenizer is combined with rator and stator which can homogenize over 3000 times per minute,due to its perfect homogenizing situation,the material manufatured by it will be more smooth,glossy and delicate.

the 1st advantage of this tank is the top homogenizer.which can earily to clean the stator and rotor,evenly homogenize the raw material,

the homogenized material will move to the upper layer,and the material will down from top to bottom in certain time and the raw material 

can be homogenized again.

the 2nd outstanding place is the parallel bar,which have enough power to lift the tank cover compared with single bar

exspecially larger working capacity need large size and heavy cover.

the 3rd strong point is the Siemans PLC control panel can be customized to different languges to fit the different countries to operate the mahcine convinently,this PLC control panel also including inlet and drain valves,and automaticly feed raw material into the tank,and monitor the temparature of inside tank ans so on.

if you are interested in this high configuration machine,pls leave your message to us~





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