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Cosmetic Industry
Making Filling Packing Solution
Hydraulic lifting cosmetic cream vacuum homogenizing emulsifier
The homogenizing system include top homogenization, bottom homogenization, internal and external circulating homogenization.
Rotary Type Cosmetic cream filling capping labeling machine
Apply to face cream, eye cream, serum, essential oil...
Daily Chemical Industry
Making Filling Packing Solution
Jacket heating homogenizing and blending tank
The diversified high shear homogenizer can powerfully mix solid liquid products and dissolve the material like AES, AESA, LSA etc.
Liquid filling capping labeling shrink packing machine
Apply to shampoo, body lotion, hand sanitizer, liquid detergent, toilet cleaner...etc various bottles container, caps and labels.
Perfume Chilling Filtering
Mixing Filling Packing Solution
Explosion proof structure and PLC&HMI control box 
 4 heads perfume vacuum level-equal filling
 2 heads auto perfume sprayer pump crimping and collaring
 Auto outer cap pressing
 6000L ethanol storage tank with level gauge
 Air motor fragrance mixing tank with level gauge 
 Automatic CIP cleaning system
Automatic ethanol/DM water dozing system
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    Perfume Industry Solution
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    Cosmetic Industry Solution
  • Soft Drink Solution
    Pharmaceutical Industry Solution
  • Skincare Cream Solution
    Toothpaste Industry Solution
  • Liquid Detergent Solution
    Makeup Industry Solution
Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing integrator engaged in cosmetic machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food machinery. Main products include Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, Mixing tank, RO water treatment, Storage tank, CIP cleaning system, Filling/Capping/Labeling machine, Ink jet/laser printing machine and other packing machine. We have passed CE, BV, TUV, SGS quality certificate, and coincident with GMP standard.


With its own strength, reliable product quality, and considerate service, we won high praise and trust from well-known domestic and foreign daily chemical and pharmaceutical companies

21 Years+ experience
+ m²
Yangzhou factory area
+ m²
Guangzhou factory area
Professional employee


In the development of production, we attach importance to the absorption and training of talents, and created a number of high-quaity enterprise elite team, with 9 senior technicians, 6 senior engineers. 4 professor engineers, and more than 100 technical Personnel.


Sophisticated processing equipment, 2 production bases cover total area of 24000+ square meters, specializing in research and development,production and operation of cosmetics, food, perfume, pharmaceutical machinery, filling machinery, packing machinery and so on. Complete processing equipment and prefect process flow.


The company has the special equipment manufacturing license of the peoples Republic of China, CE certification, SGS certification, etc. the products are strictly tested internally and provide customers with superior equipment With high quality products, good reputation and sincere service, we have won the trust of famous enterprises.


The company adheres to: quality first, customer first purpose, and constantly explore the market With excellent products, high quality service and reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service, our company SIPUXIN machinery has won the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers.
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SIPUXIN Hot Sale Twelve Hole Lipstick Filling Machine

1. Machine IntroductionThis machine is suitable for filling lipstick, lip gloss, lip oil and other creams or liquid materials. It has the characteristics of fast filling speed, accurate quantification, easy operation, and convenient cleaning and color changing.Machine parametersNoItemDescription1Dim

Semi Automatic Bottle Washer/Water Bottle Washing Machine/Bottle Washing Machine

The semi-automatic bottle washing machine comes with a drying function, which can be washed, washed, and dried. The advantages are as follows:1. Labor saving, high production efficiency, low water consumption, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.2. The semi-automatic bottle washing machine

Olive Essencail Oil Filling Machine

The bottle sorting structure can make bottles be in order before filling and capping work,it is customized according to bottle size,improves working efficiency.Multiple filling nozzles can be customized as production need.The filling nozzles size can be changed as sizes of bottle opening mouth,preve

Full Automatic Lip Stick Demoulding Mould Releasing Machine

ApplicationLipstick automatic demoulding machine The machine is designed for lipstick demoulding:common shape lipstick,silicine lipstick and oblique lipstick can be demoulded.After inserting the red tube manually and putting it on the machine,it can automatically pull the mold and demould.Using PLC HMI interface,the time of taking mold,pulling mold and releasing mold can be set directly on the screen.The production process is reduced,and the work efficiency is improved,and the operation is simple and easy.The 12 hole aluminum mold and 10 hole silica gel mold can be used as a general machine only by replacing some accessories.

1500L vacuum mixing tank hydraulic lifting type electric heating bottom homogenizer vacuum emulsifying mixer

Vacuum Homogenizer emulsifying Mixer / Face Cream Vacuum Emulsifying Machine / Cosmetic Mixing Tank Equipment means the material in a vacuum state, the use of high-shear emulsifier efficient, rapid and evenly distributed one phase or multiple phase to another phase, and each phase under normal circu

Bottles Jar Can Dry Spice Auger Machines Price Packing Powder Filling Machine

Performance1. The entire machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which effectively prevents materials from being contaminated and complies with food QS and GMP hygiene and safety. 2. The equipment has stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, low failure rate and high efficiency.

High Speed Bottle Capping Crimping Machine

Performance1.Linear design, forming a convenient and beautiful assembly line. The host speed adopts an imported frequency converter, which can perform stepless speed regulation. The use of a strong electromagnetic left turn cap torque converter completely solves the problem of traditional mechanical

Vacuum Pump Reforming High Speed Homogenizer Agitator Mixer Emulsifier Mixing Equipment

6. The pot body is composed of three layers of imported stainless steel plates welded together, and the tank body and pipes are mirror polished, fully complying with GMP requirements;7. According to the process requirements, the tank body can heat and cool materials, and the heating methods mainly i


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