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Pneumatic Aerosol Spray Bottle Filling Machines
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Pneumatic Aerosol Spray Bottle Filling Machines

Product Introduction: 
This machine is designed on a workbench and integrates UTC gas filling and crimping, as well as pressure liquid filling. It is applicable to the small-scale production of ordinary aerosol cans and bov aerosol, paint spray and w40 ordinary cans, laboratory use, pilot import production, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, personal care, home care, fire protection, etc. This machine is 100% pneumatic, user-friendly, and easy to use.

1. All pneumatic valves adopt Japanese SMC, which reduces the production cost of machine malfunction 
2. Indicative pressure filling design, precise positioning of the tank body, reducing product failure rate 
3. Measurement displacement and handwheel design, ensuring accurate adjustment of ingredient quantity, reducing waste of packaging and raw materials 
4. Three pillars, ensuring stable machine performance 5. Pedal design can activate every stroke, making operation convenient and safe
Automatic Grade:
Product name:
Driving Method:
  • SPX-53

  • SPX

Product Description

1.This machine is made of REAL steel stainless And driven by compressed air (CompletePneumatic) ,This machine can fill liquid product into empty aerosol cans first ,then crimp thevalves,finally fill propellant gas into aerosol cans.The three modules are designed andintegrated on one machine, Any one or two of them can be used alone.

2.liquid filling module has the function of automatically inhaling liquid, also can fill high viscositymedium , and we can adjust the volume of filling . (high viscosity medium such as paints.polyurethane foam sealant for black and white material).

3.Valve crimping module has a high precision crimping mouth, large capacity air cylinder, evenif low air pressure 0.25-0.3MPa, can also have a high quality crimping effect. Applicable to allkinds of 1 inch aerosol valves.

4.Gas filling module is equipped a booster pump, mainly used for propellant suchas (LPG/butane propane gas.Freon, DME/dimethyl ether and 134a.nitrogen .CO2  etc.) Mainseals are importedcorrosion resistance

5.Booster pump with large capacity two-way booster.can effectively remove the bubble from theliquid raw materialso filling fast accurate.

6.This machine is widely used in the fields :Sunscreen spray .Nasal spray. Cosmetic SprayEvian ,Insecticide,Perfume spray,Air Freshener Shaving foam ,Spray paint.






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