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SPX 50L Hydraulic Lift Vaccum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine
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SPX 50L Hydraulic Lift Vaccum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine

Product Description

50L Hydraulic Lift Vaccum Homogenizer  Emulsifying Machine key features

  • Product name:50L Horizontal bar hydraulic vacuum homogeneous emulsifier

  • Function:Homogenzing and emulsifying

  • Heating method:Electric Heating

  • Control:Button Panel

  • Homogenizer Speed:0-3600 R/min

  • Stirring speed:0-65 R/min

  • Keyword:Vaccum homogenizing emulsifier

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • Type:Homogenizer Making Machine

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • After-sales Service Provided:Overseas Service Provided

Production description:

Introducing the 50L Horizontal Bar Hydraulic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine, the perfect solution for your high viscosity product mixing needs. This professional-grade machine features a variety of essential components, including a mixing main pot, water and oil pot, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system, top cover, mixing blade, control panel, and dispersing blade. 

Designed to handle the mixing, dispersing, and emulsifying of thick products such as facial creams, sunscreens, and eye creams, this machine is a must-have for any cosmetic or pharmaceutical manufacturer. The hydraulic lifting system allows for easy adjustment of the mixing pot, while the vacuum system ensures a thorough and consistent blend. 

With its robust construction and user-friendly controls, the 50L Single-Bar Hydraulic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine is the ideal choice for any professional looking to streamline their production process and achieve exceptional results. Invest in quality and efficiency with this top-of-the-line mixing machine.

Production details

Top Accessories

These accessories have many functions,such as:1.Sight glass device,2.Suction device,3. Vacuum induction device,4.Vacuum device,5.Sight glass lamp,6.Breathing device,7.Cleaning device,8.Vacuum pressure gauge.

They can well perform tasks such as observation and mixing during the production process.


Button operation panel

Visual digital control, easy to identify buttons.The control panel is more convenient for the operator to operate various functions,and can adjust the fre- quency, start quickly,stop immediately, and is very sensitive


The mixing system 

The wall scraping and bottom stirring paddle is equipped wiith a Teflon plate, equipped with a side fixed slurry. The mixing system consists of inter fix paddle,scrapper mixer and clockwise direction blender,which top wall-scraper mixer 0-60RPM and bottom homogenizer0-3000RPM.and the perfect mixing result increase the mixing efficiency and performance,as well as heating efficiency



Homogenizer consists of motor, stator and rotor,use high-speed rotor to break the material,the material liquid is refined and mixed under the triple action of extrusion,strong impact and loss of pressure expansion.Homogenizing under high pressure can significantly refine the fat globules in looseness of the liquid material.


Oil tank  and water tank

Distribute two tanks, one for heating stin oil and one for heating water which can be piped to the main tank Half open cover type, easy to pour material,cleaning tank






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