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Fixed Type 3000L Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mayonnaise Making Machine Vacuum Homogenizer
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Fixed Type 3000L Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mayonnaise Making Machine Vacuum Homogenizer

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer with Homogenizer

Vacuum emulsifying machine is an ideal option to produce high-grade skin care products, pharmacy ointment, and many other kinds of creams which need to be very soft and smooth. It has the functions of heating, mixing, scraping, rotating at different speeds and vacuum supply. It has a very wide application from cosmetics (skin cream, hair gel, lotion ect) and food (jam, chocolate, sauces ect) to pharmacy (ointment, syrup, paste) and chemicals(painting, adhesives, detergents).

The machine is mainly made up of oil tank, water tank, vacuum homogeneous tank (main tank), heating system, mixing system, vacuum system, electric lifting system, operation control cabinet and piping system. 

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Product Description
Product Overview
Product parameter

Product name
Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier
Application scope
cosmetic,food, pharmaceutical, facial cream, shaving cream, sunscreen cream
Range of spindle speed
0-63 rpm, speed be adjusted
Effective capacity
working capacity:3000L designed capacity: 3600L
Main vacuum pot power(KW)
Frequency mixing power(KW)
Vacuum pump(KW)
Weight (KG)
5000 KG
Heating types
Electric heating (15KW)steam heating(48KW)
Homogeneous speed
0-3000rpm, speed be adjusted
Machine components details:

GMP Pipeline

Discover our top-of-the-line GMP Pipeline, meticulously constructed from SUS 316 stainless steel, in strict compliance with GMP standards. What sets this pipeline apart is its interior engineering, designed to prevent oil, cream, paste, and viscous substances from adhering or dropping. This innovative feature ensures impeccable hygiene, maximum efficiency, and minimal waste in your processes. Trust in our GMP Pipeline to elevate the standards of cleanliness and productivity in your industry.

Hermetic system

Hermetic system

Experience the advanced technology of our Hermetic System. Our emulsifying main pot sets a new standard with its polished mirroring finish, ensuring an impeccably hermetic system. This remarkable feature allows for the complete elimination of bubbles during defoaming and material suction, preventing them from lingering on the surface. Say goodbye to unwanted bubbles and ensure the highest level of product quality and consistency with our innovative hermetic system.

Horizontal mixing motor

Horizontal mixing motor

The horizontal design not only optimizes space but also offers greater stability during mixing, ensuring consistent and precise results. This innovation is particularly valuable in environments where vertical space is at a premium.

Elevate your production efficiency while maximizing your factory's vertical potential with our Horizontal Mixing Motor. It's the perfect blend of space-saving ingenuity and high-performance technology, imported directly from one of the world's most reputable manufacturers.



Our homogenizer features cutting-edge technology inspired by the renowned American ROSS Company. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to achieve complete mixing, blending, and homogenization of creams, pastes, and ointments, all at an impressive speed range of 0 to 3500 rotations per minute.

With the ROSS-inspired technology at its core, our homogenizer ensures precision and efficiency in your mixing processes. Whether you're working with creams, pastes, or ointments, this machine guarantees uniformity and consistency in your end products.

GMP Artificial stair

GMP Artificial stair

Our artificial stair is engineered to meet the exacting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Crafted with precision, it boasts a mirror-polished finish made of SUS 316 stainless steel, ensuring the highest level of quality and hygiene.

What sets our artificial stair apart is its remarkable ability to resist various slippery substances, including oil, water, and highly viscous materials. This feature ensures the safety of personnel using the stair, even in challenging environments.

Lifting system

Lifting system

Our fixed-type vacuum homogenizing emulsifier comes equipped with an advanced lifting system designed to handle the seamless transportation of heavy materials from the bottom to the platform. This lifting system is a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability, constructed entirely from SUS 316 stainless steel for exceptional durability and hygiene.

Efficiency meets precision with our lifting system, making the process of handling heavy materials effortless and safe. Its stainless steel construction not only ensures longevity but also adheres to the highest hygiene standards.

Company Introduction
Packing & Shipping

Wooden boxes made of hardwood are effective against shock and rust. We can also customize different types of packaging according to the needs of customers





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