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High Quality And High Service Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd
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High Quality And High Service Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd

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  Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing integrator engaged in cosmetic machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food machinery. which is located in building 6,380th Guangcong road, Mali industrial zone,Zhongluotan town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou in China. Main products include Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, Mixing tank, RO water treatment, Storage tank, Filling/Capping/Labeling machine, Ink jet/laser printing machine and other packing machine.

  With professional in offering ideal solution for multiple special industrial to meet what customers’ need, with high specialized and diversified marketing concept, Sipuxin has become leading brand in Light industry machinery area and full solution supplier for cosmetic, liquid wash, pure water system projects.

  We support customers One-stop Turnkey service from cosmetic factory GMP purification decoration, formula, raw material, packing material, equipment model selection, machine layout design, abroad installation, work flow guidance operating training for Cream line/Liquid line/Perfume line/ Toothpaste line / Vaseline line/ Lipstick line/ Corrosive chemical line. We will keep on repaving customers’ care via exquisite craftsmanship and continual improvement in product design. manufacturing. quality and service. Choosing Sipuxin machinery,wise choice makes success.  

  Sipuxin insistence on creating maximum value for customers, holding the service philosophy of “Seeking perfection and keeping consistent is our insistence”, provides clients with “one-stop considerate services” such as assisting customers in plant design, equipment selection, provides one-stop services such as machine design researching, manufacturing, installing, technical consulting, after sale maintenance guiding, etc.





Vacuum Emulsifier
Capping Machine

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