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2T Fixed Type Cosmetic cream Mixer Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Homogenizing Machine
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2T Fixed Type Cosmetic cream Mixer Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Homogenizing Machine

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Company Profile


Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery

 Equipment Co., Ltd. undertakes business externally, coordinates production internally, and controls quality. Mainly responsible for mechanical equipment business, providing mechanical equipment design and manufacture, installation, maintenance, technical improvement support, technical consultants and other services for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and dairy manufacturers. In particular, the company's specialty is the manufacture of vacuum emulsification machines, water treatment machines, filling machines and various stainless steel tanks. Rich experience in equipment manufacturing and engineering construction, reliable quality and good results.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "responsibility for quality, unity of knowledge and action, excellence and excellence, and always striving for the first", respects science, rigorous process control, regards quality as life, advanced performance, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service It has won the trust of the market and achieved the steady development of the enterprise with the spirit of seeking truth from facts.

Facing the new market, the company implements the corporate mission of "achieve customers, bloom employees, be a competent partner, and promote industry progress", keep making progress, and provide the industry with first-class products with high quality, good price and GMP standards! "Achievement Customers, grow together with customers" is our commitment to our customers and also our service tenet

Mixing system composition

Normally mixing structure is devised into frame-wall scrapping mixer, Two-way mixer, helical ribbon agitator mixer etc. structure.

The mixing speed is controlled by frequency converter.

Homogenizing system structure

Normally there are Upper homogenizer, Bottom homogenizer, Cycling homogenizer.

Homogenizer is consist of motor, rotor and stator.

Homogenizer sealing adopts special double faces mechanical sealing and skeleton seal, mechanical seal adopts tap water cycle cooling.

Homogenizer ON/ OFF operation instruction

Homogenizing speed is classified into 3 types: constant speed and high speed and frequency conversion speed.

Electric and pneumatic system

Machine should be equipped with reliable grounding zero line

Frequent use of the universal meter to inspect the insulating coefficient

Regularly (every month) inspect of the tightness of electric wire lugs in the electric cabinet;

Under humid environment, better to stop running machine to avoid short circuit.

The electric cabinet should be well-ventilated to guarantee the safety of equipment

Heating and cooling system

Generally there are two ways of heating :electric heating and steam heating for your option;

Preparation before using electric heating :

*Ensure the jacket of tank has enough water or conductive oil ;

*Setting temperature ,Set the temperature you request to heat


Please note, heating tube will be burnt out when user turn on the heating tube heating while there is not water or conductive in the jacket.

When heating tube is burnt out, it turns black, need to change the heating tube in case effect production .














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