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High Speed Bottle Capping Crimping Machine
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High Speed Bottle Capping Crimping Machine

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1.Linear design, forming a convenient and beautiful assembly line. The host speed adopts an imported frequency converter, which can perform stepless speed regulation. The use of a strong electromagnetic left turn cap torque converter completely solves the problem of traditional mechanical friction plates being tight and sometimes loose when turning the cap.
2.Before continuing with the cap chute on the spiral axis capping machine, the cap elevator is fed into the bottle cap to ensure proper alignment. The cover slide guides the seal towards two fingers to secure the seal. Fingers enable each approaching bottle to remove the current lid, preparing for sealing. The combination of closed containers is introduced into the capping station. The stabilizer keeps the lid stable, while the grab strap keeps the container in place. 3.When the combination passes through the machine, the rotating discs (usually three or four sets) are connected to the cover. The rotating disc generates the torque required to tighten the cover on the container.
Advantages: 1. The compatibility range is relatively large. From a 30mm bottle to a 150mm bottle, one machine can handle it all the way 2. High efficiency. A 30mm small bottle can reach a capping speed of 150 bottles per minute.




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