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Olive Essencail Oil Filling Machine
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Olive Essencail Oil Filling Machine

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  • The bottle sorting structure can make bottles be in order before filling and capping work,it is customized according to bottle size,improves working efficiency.

  • Multiple filling nozzles can be customized as production need.The filling nozzles size can be changed as sizes of bottle opening mouth,prevent liquid spraying out during filling.

  • The rotary plate is customized according to bottle size.It can prevent bottles from falling down during transporting.

  • The vibratory bowl sorter is designed for making bottle caps be in order before capping work,this is customized according to cap size,reduce production error.

  • Equipped with preristaltic pump,the liquid will not pass through pump during filling,and this kind of filling pump has high filling accuracy.

  • High quality capping structure,it is good for bottle caps with screw threads like dropper bottles,spray bottles and screw-on bottle caps.

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