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Sipuxin Digital Display Electric Stirrer For Laboratory Equipment
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Sipuxin Digital Display Electric Stirrer For Laboratory Equipment

Digital display electric stirrer is suitable for experimental fields such as biology, physics and chemistry, cosmetics, health care products, food, reagents, etc. It is an experimental equipment for liquid mixing and stirring. The product concept is novel in design, advanced in manufacturing technology, large torque output at low speed, and good continuous use performance. The driving motor adopts a series-excited micro-motor with high power and compact structure, which is safe and reliable in operation; the operation state control adopts a CNC touch-type stepless speed controller, which is convenient for speed adjustment; the digital display of the operation speed state, the correct data collection; the output booster mechanism Multi-stage non-metallic gears are used to transmit power, the torque is doubled, the running state is stable, and the noise is low; the special rolling head for stirring rods is easy to unload and flexible. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research, product development, quality control and production processes in factories, scientific research institutions, universities, and medical institutions.
It is suitable for mixing tanks in water supply and drainage projects, mixing raw water in reaction tanks with various chemicals, and mixing in reflection processes.
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Product Description

产品介绍SCL-RTC+数显搅拌器 (4)SCL-RTC+数显搅拌器 (6)SCL-RTC+数显搅拌器 (2)公司2工厂工程发货





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