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SPX Cosmetic Mixer Horizontal Bar Hydraulic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier
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SPX Cosmetic Mixer Horizontal Bar Hydraulic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier

Product Description

50L Electric Heating Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier key features

  • Product name:50L hydraulic electric heating vacuum emulsification machine

  • Function:Homogenzing and emulsifying

  • Heating method:Electric Heating

  • Control:Button Panel

  • Homogenizer Speed:0-3600 R/min

  • Stirring speed:0-65 R/min

  • Keyword:Vaccum homogenizing emulsifier

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • Type:Homogenizer Making Machine

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • After-sales Service Provided:Overseas Service Provided

Production description:

Introducing the 50L hydraulic electric heating vacuum emulsification machine. 

This professional-grade machine is designed to emulsify and mix materials with ease. 

Equipped with a dual-directional stirring paddle, this emulsifier is expertly configured for 

homogenization, delivering superior results compared to single-direction and dual-direction models. 

Ideal for products with high levels of fineness, this machine is a reliable tool for those seeking top-of-the-line performance.

Production details

Top Accessories

These accessories have many functions,such as:1.Sight glass device,2.Suction device,3. Vacuum induction device,4.Vacuum device,5.Sight glass lamp,6.Breathing device,7.Cleaning device,8.Vacuum pressure gauge.

They can well perform tasks such as observation and mixing during the production process.


Button operation panel

A control panel with visual digital control and user-friendly features greatly enhances the efficiency and ease of operation in various settings. Here's an expanded explanation of the key aspects:Visual Digital Control: A control panel with visual digital control typically includes a digital display or screen that provides operators with clear and easily readable information. This display can present critical data such as temperature, pressure, speed, or other relevant parameters in a digital format. This visual feedback allows operators to monitor and adjust processes more precisely.

Easy-to-Identify Buttons: User-friendly control panels feature buttons or switches that are intuitively labeled and easily distinguishable. Clear and concise labeling ensures that operators can quickly identify the functions they need to access. This minimizes the risk of errors and speeds up the setup and operation of equipment.

In various industrial and technological contexts, control panels with these features are instrumental in ensuring that complex machinery and processes can be managed efficiently. They provide operators with the tools they need to monitor, adjust, and control equipment accurately and safely. The combination of visual digital displays, intuitive controls, and responsive functions enhances productivity and minimizes the potential for errors in critical operations.

Button operation panel

The mixing system 

The "wall scraping and bottom stirring paddle" is an essential component in various mixing processes, designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of mixing operations. This specialized paddle is equipped with a Teflon plate, known for its non-stick properties and resistance to high temperatures, ensuring that the mixture doesn't adhere to the paddle surface during the mixing process. Additionally, a side-fixed slurry arrangement contributes to the even distribution of materials throughout the mixture.This mixing system incorporates a trio of components: the inter fixed paddle, the scrapper mixer, and the clockwise direction blender. The top wall-scraper mixer operates within the range of 0 to 60 RPM, allowing for precise control over the mixing speed. Complementing this, the bottom homogenizer functions at speeds ranging up to 3000 RPM, ensuring thorough homogenization of the mixture.

The mixing system


A homogenizer is a crucial piece of equipment used in various industries, including food processing and pharmaceuticals. It plays a vital role in achieving uniformity and consistency in liquid or semi-liquid materials.Homogenization under high pressure, as you mentioned, is especially effective at reducing the size of fat globules in liquid materials. This process is critical in the dairy industry, for instance, where it ensures that milk and cream products have a consistent texture and prevent the separation of fat. a homogenizer is a sophisticated piece of machinery that uses a combination of high-speed rotor action, extrusion, strong impacts, and pressure changes to achieve thorough mixing and refinement of materials. This equipment is essential in various industries to ensure product consistency and quality.






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