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New Type Safer Small Capacity Explosion-proof Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer
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New Type Safer Small Capacity Explosion-proof Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer

Weight (KG):
Warranty of core components:
Core Components:
Heating method:
Product Description

Explosion-proof Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying Mixer key features

  • Condition:New

  • Application:Food, Beverage, Chemical

  • Driven Type:Hydraulic

  • Weight:65kg

  • Key Selling Points:High-accuracy

  • Feature:Efficiency

  • Advantage:Efficiency

  • Control:botton 

  • Homogenizer Speed:0-3600 R/min

  • Mixing speed:0-65 R/min

  • Function:Stirring emulsification

  • Opening way:Electric

Production description:

Introducing our small capacity explosion-proof vacuum homogenizer emulsifier, designed to meet the highest

 safety standards in the industry. This product boasts an explosion-proof motor, electrical box, and system,

 ensuring maximum safety for workers during operation. With its compact size and powerful capabilities, this

 vacuum homogenizer emulsifier is perfect for small-scale production processes in various industries. Trust in its

 high safety factor to keep your workers safe and your operations running smoothly. Choose our small capacity

 explosion-proof vacuum homogenizer emulsifier for a reliable, safe, and efficient solution to your blending needs.

Production details

Top Accessories:

"Top Accessories: These accessories have functions that can perform tasks such as observation and mixing during the production process."

In various industries and manufacturing processes, top accessories play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, precision, and overall functionality. These accessories encompass a wide range of tools and equipment designed to fulfill specific tasks, with a primary focus on aiding in the production process.

top accessories are essential components in numerous industries, offering a wide range of functions that contribute to the success and efficiency of the production process. Their ability to observe, mix, control, and enhance various aspects of production makes them indispensable tools for achieving consistent, high-quality results.

Top Accessories

Stirring paddle:

A "stirring paddle" refers to an essential component of a mixing system that plays a crucial role in achieving efficient and uniform blending of substances within a container or vessel. The stirring paddle is a versatile tool commonly used in various industries, including chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food production, and research laboratories. It consists of two main elements:Top Wall-Scraper Mixer (0-60 RPM)、Bottom Homogenizer (0-3000 RPM)ontrol over the homogenization process.

a stirring paddle equipped with a top wall-scraper mixer and a bottom homogenizer, both with adjustable speeds through VFDs, is a powerful and adaptable tool for achieving efficient and precise mixing and homogenization in industrial and laboratory settings. It contributes to the production of high-quality products by ensuring thorough blending and uniformity of materials, making it an indispensable component in many manufacturing processes.

Stirring paddle

Homogenizer motor:

A "homogenizer motor" is a critical component in homogenization equipment used in various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biotechnology. The primary purpose of a homogenizer motor is to facilitate high-speed homogenization

A homogenizer motor is a critical component in homogenization equipment that enables the thorough mixing, emulsification, dispersion, and homogenization of substances in various industries. Its high-speed operation and shear forces are essential for achieving uniform and consistent product quality.

Homogenizer motor

Stainless steel operation panel

A "visual digital control" system, featuring easy-to-identify buttons and a user-friendly control panel, offers several advantages to operators in various industries and applications. This type of control system is designed to enhance the efficiency, convenience, and precision of operating various functions. Here are some key features and benefits of such a control system:User-Friendly Interface、Enhanced Convenience、Frequency Adjustment、Quick Start and Stop、Visual Feedback、Customization、Safety Features

a visual digital control system with user-friendly features, including easy-to-identify buttons, quick start and stop functionality, frequency adjustment, and high sensitivity, is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various operations. Such systems are widely used in industries ranging from manufacturing and automation to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and electrical control, contributing to improved productivity and safety.

Stainless steel operation panel





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