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New Chemical Appliance Filling Machine Fertilizer Filer Coating Filling Equipment
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New Chemical Appliance Filling Machine Fertilizer Filer Coating Filling Equipment

Product Descript
 It only takes 1-2 people to complete the whole filling process of the weighing and filling machine. The filling method is advanced, the operation is simple, the measurement is accurate, and the degree of automation is high. It is mainly applicable to lubricating oil, paint, fertilizer, edible oil, paint, etc. It is the most ideal barrel opening and filling equipment at present.
Video outgoing-inspection:
Core Components:
  • SPX-17

  • Sipuxin

Product Description
Machine weight
About 200kg
Product name
food high viscosity filling machine
Fully automatic filling machine
Working capacity
2500-3000 bottles/hour(based on 500ml)
Driven Type
Electric and pneumatic
Bottle size
50mm≤φ≤115mm 160mm≤H≤320mm
Details Images

Feeder Send the empty barrel to the filling position, align the barrel mouth with the filling nozzle, press the related "button" and enter the barrel through filling to ensure accurate and safe filling.

PLC control panel The touch screen control panel is a world-famous brand of Siemens, with guaranteed quality, which is convenient for operators to operate various functions. The frequency is adjustable, fast start and immediate stop are very sensitive. Different languages can be selected.

Empty barrel conveying roller table The roller frame is fixed on the frame. A motor is arranged on the roller frame, which provides power for the roller frame, and a load cell is arranged below the roller frame

Capping device The conveyor belt conveys the lower barrel. The capping device then accurately places the lid on the top of the barrel. Then it is delivered under the capping device

Lower cover device Press the gland unit down, press the covers on the left and right with pressure, press the covers firmly, and then lift.

Filling range:500-5000ML

Filling speed :8-9bottles/min/nozzle(depends on the product viscosity)

Filling precision :±0.5%, with Taiwan original cylinder control

Filling material :Viscosity within 20000 pas

Air Consumption :6.5㎏/cm2

Torsion :5-12kg/cm

Voltage :220V/ 50HZ, 1 phase ( can be customized)

Machine size: 500*110*220CM

Remark :1. JCCS transducer, speed adjustable, 2. the guide bar is adjustable, 3. Sanitary hinge converyor, 4. Filling nozzle height is adjustable.





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