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1T Fixed Outer Circulation Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Mixer Homogenized
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1T Fixed Outer Circulation Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Mixer Homogenized

Product Description

1000L  Fixed Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier key features

  • Product name:100L Vacuum  Homogenizing Emulsifier

  • Heating method:Electric Heating

  • Control:Button Panel/PLC Control System

  • Homogenizer Speed:0-3600 R/min

  • Mixing speed:0-65 R/min

  • Function:Stirring emulsification

    Keyword:100L Upper Homogenization Vacuum Emulsifier

  • Usage:emulsifier

  • Control:botton 

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • Opening way:Electric

Production description:

Introducing the 1000L Fixed Emulsifier, a professional-grade mixing machine designed for efficient and precise

 emulsification. With its horizontal stirring motor and built-in weighing system, this machine provides accurate

 measurements and a clear understanding of the material weight remaining in the pot after usage. Perfectly suited

 for large-scale production, the 1000L Fixed Emulsifier guarantees exceptional performance and consistency every

 time. Trust in its advanced features and unparalleled precision to elevate your manufacturing process today.

Production details

Top Accessories

These accessories have many functions,such as:1.Sight glass device,2.Suction device,3. Vacuum induction device,4.Vacuum device,5.Sight glass lamp,6.Breathing device,7.Cleaning device,8.Vacuum pressure gauge.

They can well perform tasks such as observation and mixing during the production process.

Top Accessories

Weighing system

The convenience, intuitiveness, and clarity of understanding the use of materials and monitoring the remaining amount in a container are crucial aspects of effective resource management and user experience.

Convenience in this context implies that the process of accessing and utilizing the materials is straightforward and hassle-free. For example, a well-designed container might have a user-friendly opening mechanism, making it easy to retrieve materials without spillage or waste. Additionally, it could have a clear label or indicator to quickly identify the contents.

Intuitiveness refers to the user's ability to understand and interact with the container without the need for complex instructions or training. A container that intuitively communicates its purpose and usage, such as through intuitive labeling or color-coding, can enhance the user's experience. For instance, color-coding might signify different types of materials, making it easy to distinguish between them.

Weighing system


The homogenizer is a critical component of this 100L Upper Homogenization Vacuum Emulsifier, and it plays a pivotal role in achieving effective emulsification and mixing processes. It consists of three main parts: a motor, a stator, and a rotor.

Motor: The motor provides the power needed for the homogenization process. It drives the rotation of the rotor, which is the central element responsible for breaking down and mixing the materials.

Rotor: The rotor is a high-speed component designed to disrupt and break down the materials being processed. It operates at high rotational speeds, creating intense shear forces that cause the materials to disintegrate into smaller particles. This is crucial for achieving the desired emulsification and mixing results.

Stator: The stator is the stationary component that surrounds the rotor. It works in conjunction with the rotor to create a highly efficient mixing and emulsification environment. The interaction between the rotor and stator results in extrusion, strong impact, and loss of pressure expansion.

Additionally, the homogenizer is capable of operating under high pressure conditions, which is particularly advantageous when dealing with materials that contain fat globules or require thorough mixing. Under high pressure, it can significantly refine and disperse fat globules in liquid materials, ensuring a consistent and stable end product.


Internal and external circulation pipe

The ability to fully utilize materials and circulate them back and forth within the pot for stirring and emulsification is a valuable feature in industrial processes,Here's why this capability is important:

Resource Efficiency: Recycling and reusing materials within the same process is environmentally and economically beneficial. It reduces waste and minimizes the need for additional raw materials, which can be both cost-effective and sustainable.

Consistency and Quality: Continuously circulating materials through the emulsification process ensures a consistent mixture. This is crucial in industries like cosmetics and food, where product quality and uniformity are paramount.

Reduced Downtime: Rather than preparing a new batch of materials for each emulsification cycle, the ability to recirculate saves time and labor, reducing downtime between batches.

Energy Efficiency: Running the emulsification process in a closed-loop, where materials are recirculated, can also be energy-efficient as it eliminates the need to repeatedly heat or cool fresh batches.

Internal and external circulation pipe

Oil tank  and water tank

The distribution of two tanks, one for heating oil and one for heating water, connected to a main tank with a half-open cover type design, is a practical setup commonly used in various industrial processes.the distribution of two separate heating tanks for oil and water, connected to a main tank with a half-open cover, offers numerous advantages in terms of temperature control, material handling, cleanliness, and versatility. This setup enhances the efficiency and flexibility of industrial processes, making it a valuable configuration in various manufacturing and processing applications.

Oil tank and water tank





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