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SPX Single Head Horizontal Mixing Filling Machine
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SPX Single Head Horizontal Mixing Filling Machine

SpuXin Horizontal Mixing and Filling Machine adopts screw belt spiral mixing, which can make the material mixing more fully, single-head nozzle filling, hot goodies
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Product Description
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Products overview

SpuXin single-head horizontal filling machine adopts screw screw mixing, can make the material mixing more fully, the model is small and easy to operate, easy to fill, also suitable for liquidity is not so good for 

 the paste!

semi-automatic horizontal mixing filling machine

IntProduction of SPX Semi-Automatic Horizontal Mixing Filling Machine

SPX Semi-Automatic Horizontal Mixing Filling Machine is a high-quality equipment offered by Guangzhou SPX Light Iindustrial Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The machine is designed to mix and fill various liquids, such as shampoo, lotions and detergent, etc.

This machine uses a horizontal mixing tank to ensure the uniformity and stability of the mixed materials. The tank has an easy-to-clean design and is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable and sanitary. The machine features a high-precision filling valve that can fill liquids accurately and without leakage.

The operation of the machine is semi-automatic, which means the materials are loaded manually and the filling process is automatic. The user only needs to set the filling volume and adjust the filling speed as required. The machine has a touch screen control system that is easy to learn and operate.

SPX Semi-Automatic Horizontal Mixing Filling Machine is suitable for small and medium-scale production, and is widely used in the cosmetics, chemicals, and food industries. With its high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, it is the ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their production processes.

gas or air intake

stock tank

pneumatic cylinders

The SPX Semi-Automatic Horizontal Mixing and Filling Machine features include:

1. High efficiency: The machine is capable of mixing and filling various materials in a quick and efficient manner.

2. Precise filling: The filling process is accurate and consistent, ensuring that each product is filled with precision and consistency.

3. Easy to operate: The machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, with a simple interface and easy-to-understand instructions.

4. Versatile: The machine is suitable for use with a wide range of materials, including liquids, creams, and pastes.

5. Durable construction: The machine is built to last, with robust materials and a solid construction ensuring long-lasting performance.

6. Easy to maintain: The machine is easy to maintain and service, with simple maintenance procedures and easy-to-replace parts.

7. High safety standards: The machine is designed with safety in mind, with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety guards to protect operators.

Instructions for using the Spuxin Semi-Automatic Horizontal Mixing and Filling Machine:

1. Connect the power supply and ensure that the machine is grounded.

2. Adjust the height of the filling nozzle to match the height of the container being filled.

3. Set the mixing time and filling volume on the control panel.

4. Load the materials to be mixed and filled into the hopper.

5. Start the machine and wait for the mixing process to complete.

6. Once the mixing process is complete, the filling process begins automatically. Ensure that the container is properly positioned below the filling nozzle.

7. Once the desired filling volume has been reached, the machine will automatically stop the filling process.

8. Remove the filled container and repeat the process for the next container.

9. Clean the machine thoroughly after each use to ensure optimal performance.

Note: Please refer to the user manual for detailed operating instructions and safety precautions.

About delivery and packaging

This product suitable for filing ointment liquid and viscosity materials . Filled by hand or automatic system according to the speed. For manufacturing . pneumatic components are mostly adopts imported parts. such as pneumatic components using FESTO,According to the needs. install of heating, stirring system.The cylinder body adopts the high quality stainless steel, the piston is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, the cylinder connecting part is connected with fast. Convenient dismounting and cleaning. Its principle of work is adopted the air compressor and air driven piston to complete the suction.

It is designed for filing ointment liquid and viscosity materials. Our product can be filled by hand or automatic system according to your speed preference, making the filling process much more convenient.

To ensure the quality of our product, we have adopted the best quality pneumatic components, most of which are imported parts. For instance, we have chosen FESTO for our pneumatic components. Additionally, we can install heating and stirring systems depending on your requirements, making our product even more versatile.

Filling Nozzle

Suitable for filing ointment liquid and viscosity materials and have high filling accuracy.

Our Filling Nozzle is equipped with advanced technology that ensures smooth and easy operation while eliminating the risk of contamination. Its high-quality design and construction guarantee reliable and consistent performance with minimal downtime.

Material hopper

The capacity of hopper can be customized according to the needs. It adopts quick assembling connection structure, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.

we offer customized hopper capacities to meet your specific requirements. Our innovative quick assembling connection structure allows for easy disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Control panel

There are two working modes for option,Manual/ automatic.

Manual :operate by foot pedal
Automatic: automatic continuous filling.

The filling speed can be adjusted also.
Machine Item
Manual/ automatic Filling Machine
Automatic Grade
Manual/ automatic
Key Selling Points
Easy to Operate
1 set
SU 304, SUS316
Packaging Material
Plastic, Metal, Glass
Packaging Type
Bottles, Barrel





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