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SPX Automatic High Speed Bottle Sorting Machine for PET Bottle
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SPX Automatic High Speed Bottle Sorting Machine for PET Bottle

Scope of application
The function of the machine is to pour the plastic bottle into the hopper when the plastic bottle is chaotic. A series of actions of the machine put the bottle neatly and stand on the conveyor belt to meet the high -speed requirements. lt is indispensable forhigh -speed production. The machine, and a large number of laborcosts and losses caused by human factors.
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  • SPX

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Product Description


Machine Detail
1. Core use the highest quality stainless steel material, equipment, electrical components adopt high-end international brand, PLC and screen adopt Siemens, frequency converter adopts the Danfoss brand, motor
2. Full touch screen operation system, intelligent design, fool operation, more simple
3. Original hoisting system of the special structure, the taking bottle rate is higher and the damaged bottle rate is lower
4. Bottle plugging, empty bottle detection device, can effectively protect the security of the machine
5. Suitable for a variety of bottle type, and the easy adjustment, multi-usage, save investment.
Company Profile

Guangzhou Sipuxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturing integrator engaged in cosmetic machinery , pharmaceutical equipment, food machinery.

Sipuxin is able to customize new equipment according to client's customization request.

Main products include Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, Mixing tank, RO water treatment, Storagetank, Filling/Capping/Labeling machine, Ink jet/laser printing machine and other diversified

 high-quality stand-alone machines, Create the brand strength of Sipuxin

Some Pictures Of Our Factory
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Packing & Shipping

Are you a factory?

Yes,we are a factory with more than 20 years manufacturing experience. One is in Jiangsu Province,

Another is in Guangzhou.

I'm new in ourindustry,but I'm planing to set up a factory,what can I do?

We will design the most suitable proposal based on your actual situation, such as the daily production, raw material formula, factory layout, etc.

Also we would like to introduce some excellent suppliers of raw materials,bottle slabels, etc .if needed.

After sales, engineer will be send to fields installation, training and commissioning.

How long is your warranty?what if we encounter problem about the machine?

Our warranty is one year. After warranty we still offer you life time after-sales service, anytime you need we are there to help.If the problem is easily to solve, we will shoot asolution video for you.lf video doesn't work out, we will send engineer to your factory.

How can you control the quality before delivery?

First,our component/spare parts providers test their products before they offer com-ponents to us.Besides, our quality control team will test machines performance or running speed before shipment.We would like to invite you come to our factory to verify machines yourself. If your schedule is busy we will take a video to record the testing procedure and send the video to you.





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