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OEM Production Rotor Pump High Viscosity 1 Head Bottle Filling Machine
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OEM Production Rotor Pump High Viscosity 1 Head Bottle Filling Machine

1. The advantages of using a rotor pump for filling: 1. High filling accuracy, stability to ensure a constant filling volume each time, and a self-adapting suction function to prevent dripping.
2 Easy to clean. The touch screen displays a one-key cleaning function, which is suitable for fast switching of various materials, saving time and effort.
3. High output, especially for materials with poor fluidity, which can reach 70 bottles per minute per 100ml. The bottle change is convenient, quick and easy to adjust. It only needs to adjust the width of the conveyor guardrail, the height of the filling nozzle and the battery eye.
Product Description

1. Durable: The rotor pump has the characteristics of long service life, durability, low maintenance, and self-priming ability.

2. No wearing parts: There is no wear of any parts of the rotor pump (except mechanical seals) during operation. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. A pair of rotors operate synchronously during work, keeping a certain amount of each other. The gap does not produce any contact, there will not be any theoretical wear, and it can work in various environments at a temperature of up to 220 degrees.

3. Sanitary materials can be transported: the parts of the rotor pump body in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel materials that meet the sanitary standards, which can meet all sanitary and corrosion-resistant applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

4. High-viscosity pump: Positive displacement pump, low speed, high output torque, and high temperature resistance make the rotor pump show its skills in the field of conveying high-viscosity and high-temperature materials. Its special working principle cooperates with the use of a powerful drive system. Ensure that the rotor pump can output a strong driving torque at a low speed, can ensure continuous and non-stop conveying of materials, and can ensure that the material performance of the material during the transportation process will not be damaged, and the viscosity of the medium that can be transported can be as high as 1000000CP.

5. High-speed transportation of thin materials: The rotor pump also shows a relatively large performance advantage when transporting particularly thin media, especially when it is required to output thin media without pulsation. The drive system equipped with the rotary pump can run at a higher speed when the viscosity of the conveyed medium decreases and the leakage increases. And to ensure the constant output flow.






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