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Full automatic filling machine with 4 heads Liquid Cream Piston Filling Machine
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Full automatic filling machine with 4 heads Liquid Cream Piston Filling Machine

1.It is suitable for various kinds of high viscosity liquid products such as chemical,food,medical,grease industries etc.
2.It is easy for maintenance,operation,adjustment.It doesn't need any tools.It is with precise filling system,it will not start filling if there is no bottles and it is also with count function.
1.This machine can be made to 2-12 fillig nozzles.The speed of conveyor belt can be adjusted.It is made of imported stainless steel frame bracket,Japan Mitsubishi touch screen etc.
2.Special configuration:efficient anti-leakage and dripping.Automatic falling and raising desigh make it better for foam products.It is with positioner for sensor the bottle mouths.The filling nozzles can be made to order.

1: adjust the barrier size: put a bottle on conveyor and adjust the barrier clamping nut.

2: adjust the front and back bottle stopping position: put 5 empty bottle on conveyor, which is left side of filling nozzles, move bottle till touch back bottle stopping cylinder board, afterwards, adjust front bottle stopping cylinder board.

3adjust bottle in and out meter photoelectric position:

1)Push 5 bottles from left of conveyor to bottle in meter photoelectric position when the front bottle stopping cylinder breast board extend, make sure that the stable position should be same for above 4 to 5 bottles.

2) After front bottle stopping cylinder retract but back bottle stopping cylinder stretch, push 4 bottles to right till bottle enter into front bottle stopping board and back bottle stopping board, note that the bottle out photoelectric must at 4th bottle.

Video outgoing-inspection:
Core Components:
After-sales Service :
  • SPX-030


Product Description

Operation caution


1. When machine is working or power on , Don’t do cleaning or remove any parts of the machine .

2. Turn power switch( on electric control panel) from “ON” to “OFF” , before do cleaning.

3. when rinsing the machine, please keep electric parts dry, in case the electric parts get wet, please dry off the parts by air gun or dry dishcloth etc..

4.  Please note that, When machine is working , please close the glass protector , prohibit to put your hand other things in, otherwise will bring some hard to machine or user.

Machine weight
About 2000kg
Product name
Liquid soap making machine
Fully automatic filling machine
Working capacity
2500-3000 bottles/hour(based on 500ml)
Driven Type
Electric and pneumatic
Bottle size
50mm≤φ≤115mm 160mm≤H≤320mm
Details Images

PLC Control Pale

The touch-screen control panel uses Siemens world-renowned brands, with guaranteed quality, convenient for the operator to operate
various functions, adjustable frequency, quick start, and immediate stop, which is very sensitive.

Filling head

The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling accuracy is high. The filling bulkhead adopts an
anti-drip device.

High-precision pressure gauge

By mastering the pressure parameters, it provides a reliable basis for the operator to monitor, control and regulate production.

pneumatic double diaphragm pump

The delivery lift and flow can pass the pneumatic valve open to realize the step less adjustment (the pneumatic pressure
adjustment is between 1-7 bar).

Daily maintain

1. first class maintenance  (everyday )

1.1 Clean the machine body and the surface of conveyor

2. second-class maintenance (every week )


2.1 Add lubrication oil to the conveyor sprocket , filling nozzle lifting cylinder , bolter clamp cylinder piston lifting loose transmission mechanism part , chrome steel column , glaze bearing.

2.2 Check if air filter blocked.

2.3 Check if screw part loose

2.4 Check if the ground lead of the machine in good condition

2.5 If it makes abnormal sound when working 





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