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100-4000 Gallon Chemical Reactor Stainless Steel Tank
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100-4000 Gallon Chemical Reactor Stainless Steel Tank

The function of the cosmetic mechanical vacuum homogenizing emulsification pot is the same as that of a mixer. Both can be used for material stirring, fully mixing and evenly removing materials, and vacuuming to remove bubbles in the materials; It can also be heated (using water or oil as the medium for electric heating or steam heating) and cooled. Besides, what's the difference between a cosmetic mechanical vacuum emulsifier and a blender?
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Due to the use of mechanical seals as sealing devices, the stirring force of the vacuum homogenizing emulsification pot is not very strong. Generally, motors with smaller configurations have faster speeds. So, it is mainly used for stirring materials such as liquid-liquid and solid-liquid. Its material viscosity usually does not exceed 100000 cps. The kettle of the emulsifier is equipped with a homogenizer head, which can quickly cut the material, making it fully refined. After vacuuming and defoaming, the produced material has delicate and smooth characteristics. Moreover, the material particles of its final product can reach the nanometer level, and if applied to human skin, they will be quickly absorbed by the skin. Therefore, vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pots are commonly used in the production of dilute materials such as cosmetics, creams, and pharmaceutical creams.

A mixer is one of the typical equipment for strong mixing. Its mixing system is composed of a frame structure, combined with a high-power mixing motor, and its mixing power is very strong. Mixers are usually used for stirring solid-liquid, solid-solid, and liquid-liquid materials! The viscosity of the material it can stir is generally between 100000cps and 1800000cps. With the slow stirring of the frame type mixing and the high-speed operation of the dispersing plate, which can reach 1400rpm per minute, the materials can be fully mixed and the clustered materials can be fully dispersed to meet the process requirements of the materials. Due to its strong power, mixers are often used for mixing and mixing of rubber products. Specific products include: silicone sealant, sealant, glass adhesive, resin, ink, electronic paste, and so on.






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