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SPX 100L Hydraulic Lift Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine
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SPX 100L Hydraulic Lift Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine

Weight (KG):
Applicable Industries:
Product Type:
Machine material:
Core Components:
Warranty of core components:
Product Description

100L Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier key features

  • Product name:100L Vacuum  Homogenizing Emulsifier

  • Heating method:Electric Heating

  • Control:Button Panel

  • Homogenizer Speed:0-3600 R/min

  • Mixing speed:0-65 R/min

  • Function:Stirring emulsification

  • Keyword:100L Upper Homogenization Vacuum Emulsifier

  • Usage:emulsifier

  • Control:botton 

  • Application scope:cosmetic,food,Chemicals

  • Opening way:Electric

Production description:

Introducing the 100L High Shear Vacuum Emulsifying Machine, designed to deliver superior product dispersion, mixing, and emulsification. This machine utilizes top-down homogenization, which offers better results than bottom-up mixing by achieving higher levels of product refinement. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a manual tilt function, allowing for larger and cleaner product discharge. 

Our vacuum emulsifying machine is perfect for producing a wide range of products, including creams, lotions, gels, and more. The top-down homogenization process ensures that the end result is a smooth and refined product with a higher level of consistency, making it ideal for use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

The 100L High Shear Vacuum Emulsifying Machine is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. It features a compact design, making it easy to operate and maintain. The manual tilt function allows for greater control over the discharge process, ensuring that your final product is of the highest quality. 

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and high-performing vacuum emulsifying machine for your business, the 100L High Shear Vacuum Emulsifying Machine is an excellent choice. Its top-down homogenization process and manual tilt function make it perfect for producing high-quality and consistent products. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional product.

Production details

Top Accessories

Accessories, within the realm of manufacturing and production, encompass a wide array of supplemental components and tools that play pivotal roles in enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. These items, often small but indispensable, are integrated into machinery and production lines to facilitate various tasks, including observation and mixing.Observation accessories typically consist of specialized sensors, cameras, or monitoring equipment. They serve the crucial purpose of providing real-time data and visual feedback during the production process. These devices enable operators and automated systems to closely monitor variables like temperature, pressure, quality control, and other critical parameters. This vigilance ensures that production remains within specified tolerances, reducing the risk of defects and enhancing overall product consistency.

Top Accessories

Stainless steel operation panel

The incorporation of a visual digital control panel featuring easily identifiable buttons represents a significant enhancement in operator convenience and functionality. This advanced control system simplifies the operation of various functions, offering operators the capability to swiftly adjust frequencies, initiate rapid starts, and effect immediate stops, all with remarkable sensitivity.the visual digital control panel with easily identifiable buttons offers operators a highly efficient and user-friendly means to manage a range of functions. Its sensitivity, quick response, and adaptability are invaluable in industries where precision and operational control are essential, ultimately enhancing both safety and productivity.

Stainless steel operation panel

Stirring paddle

The combination of a top wall-scraper mixer with a speed range of 0-60 RPM and a bottom homogenizer with a speed range of 0-3000 RPM, both equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) for adjustable speed control, represents a powerful and versatile mixing system suitable for various industrial processes.Optimal Mixing and Homogenization: This setup offers a wide speed range, from gentle stirring to high-speed homogenization. The top wall-scraper mixer provides effective mixing and agitation of materials in the vessel, ensuring uniformity and preventing settling or stratification. On the other hand, the bottom homogenizer can rapidly break down particles, emulsify, and achieve thorough homogenization, crucial in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food processing.

the integration of a top wall-scraper mixer and a bottom homogenizer, both equipped with VFDs for adjustable speed control, forms a versatile and efficient mixing system. Its wide RPM range and precise control capabilities make it suitable for various industrial processes, contributing to improved product quality and process efficiency.

Stirring paddle

Oil tank  and water tank

The distribution of two tanks, one for heating oil and the other for heating water, which can be connected to the main tank, represents a sophisticated approach to industrial processes, especially in industries like food production or cosmetics manufacturing where precise temperature control is vital. the setup of two tanks, one for heating oil and the other for heating water, both designed with half-open covers for material introduction and easy cleaning, offers a versatile and efficient solution for industrial processes. The ability to control the temperature of these essential components and the ease of integration into the main tank enhance process control, consistency, and product quality.

Oil tank and water tank





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